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Pauline is a Qualified Independent Residential Property Manager who specialises in Marlborough, NZ. 
Pauline helps clients by renting properties - managing every aspect of the process. If you are looking to rent your current home, or find a new rental property Pauline can help make the process of owning an investment property easier for you.
Pauline is different from the rest, she offers all aspects of Property Management including "Find a Tenant" and will do one off inspections just to name a few. 
Pauline is a RPMA member (Residential Property Managers Association) in Marlborough.
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Qualified Property Manager

Residential Property Management (Level 4) NZQA 2016 Real Estate (Salesperson Level 4) 2018 Proefessional Team Leader NZIM 2010 Pauline provides many resources for all of her clients. You deserve to hear about Pauline when considering hiring a property manager to look after your rental investment. There so many items that need to be examined when choosing your property manager. Pauline will help you through all the steps to make sure it is successful.

What Makes Pauline Different

Pauline's Approach

At Pauline's Property Management, Pauline's values are at the core of everything she does - guiding behaviour and decisions all day, every day. Pauline's integrity keeps her humble and always thinking about who is using her services. Education is crucial and Pauline has her Certificate in Property Management through NZQA and has over 7 years experience in the role valuing to ensure integrity through the rental process. Pauline's honest and accurate market assessments and extra services on offer are what keeps her fresh and relevant, and sets her apart from the competition.

Honest and Accurate Market Assessments

Helping You Make Educated Decisions Pauline will ensure to keep you informed throughout the whole process. While things may seem confusing at first, Pauline is highly trained and certified and will be available to answer any of your questions or concerns.

Property Searches

Be Informed. When you’re in the market for a new investment it is essential that you take time to check out homes and get a feel for what is a good investment. Pauline has the knowledge of healthy homes and is more than happy to answer every one of your questions.

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